Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb 3, 2014 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Emily Dolson, Audra Chaput, Sam Perez
Objectives: Figure out useful ways to set up configuration files for spatial heterogeneity

We met with Aaron on Monday to discuss how to implement spatial resources into Avida. Aaron sent us a zip file with some scripts that could be useful to our project.

According to the script Aaron showed us, the height parameter is the radius  + 1, the inflow rate is around 10 units (which can be changed), and by default, the resource does not move. The script also created walls, which are bounded grids for resources, and cannot be consumed unless specified as a reaction.

Since there will be some regions of the overworld where there are no resources, a visual sensor is necessary to see the resource from a distance to prevent death. The visual sensor has four input and 8 outputs, and the LOOK_AHEAD instruction is how the visual sensor is executed.

We can also use the MOVIE DATA option to get movies for organisms; then we can use Python to read and analyze.

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